Someline Avatar Service

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What is Someline Avatar Service

Someline Avatar provides the profile photo of any email in a wide range of sizes from just only one address.

It will display the user's own profile photo if the email is linked to an Someline User.

When to use

Use it when you need it or you can

  • Display your own Someline profile photo on your blog or website.
  • Enjoy encrypted using SSL/TLS and secure HTTPS avatar service.
  • Display profile photos for your own website users without implementing upload, crop, save, storage function.
  • Display any Someline User's profile photo.
  • Have a profile photo service that is optimised speed for worldwide and even China.

How to use

It's simple. Someline Avatar is just a URL away.

URL Format

Here is a typical format of Someline Avatar url:{email_sha1_hash}/{size?}

email_sha1_hash: (required) SHA1 hash of an email address

size: (optional) Size of avatar (1px ~ 2900px) to be displayed, default is 100px


An Someline Avatar with default size 100px:   View

An Someline Avatar with 500px size:   View

Code Implementation

Heads up! Please trim and lowercase the email address before generating SHA1 hash
echo "".sha1(strtolower(trim("")))."/80";
# import code for encoding urls and generating sha1 hashes
import urllib, hashlib

# Set your variables here
email = ""
size = 80

# construct the url
slavatar_url = "" + hashlib.sha1(email.strip().lower()).hexdigest() + "/" + str(size)


If you are using this service on your own app, you can refer your users to sign in Someline to change their profile photo when they wish to.

Someline Profile Photo Change URL:

Who use

Want to be listed? Implement it and send an email to, after review passed you should see yours here

Oh yah, did we mention that it's free?